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super stvar=the super thing

You might be an artist or maybe you’re on a mission to describe… Akzidenz-Grotesk, Bodoni, Helvetica, Garamond No. 3, Century Expanded.Massimo Vignelli




Today what does it take to do the super thing
I’ll tell you what it takes a very simple thing
Iron nerves like the pilot of a jumbo jet
Or a girl on the go who hasn’t got there yet


Magnetic trumpets blowing
Synthetic saxophone
The evidence kept growing
From below


Hidden motivations
Buried in the past
Still gives us strength
For the super thing


The red alarm a rude surprise every time it rings
Means it’s time to go beyond the normal thing
Pay attention and be prepared to do it right
The super thing the thing that makes you bigger than life
Won’t you tell me what it takes
To do the super thing


Signals start to travel from a distant place
Lights go out electro shock then pleasure pain
Sensations unfamiliar can make you sick
It’s a superhuman thing and it does the trick


Songwriters: Gerald Casale / Mark Mothersbaugh
The Super Thing lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC