Magyar Adam

Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar (born 1972) is a Berlin-based Hungarian photographer. His works have been exhibited in various solo and group shows internationally…

As a part of his project Stainless, Hungarian photographer Adam Magyar filmed the arrival of the subway train in one of the busiest stations in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, the 42nd station in New York and the Shinjuku station in Japan. He then changed the films into slow motion and showed the world his own take on the urban lifestyle. What moves of course are the lights, which blink like ghosts at the end of a tunnel, and what we hear is the trains’ movement while the unmoving people remain paralysed in their exiguous solitude. [sorce]

Adam Magyar – Stainless, Alexanderplatz (excerpt), 2011

Adam Magyar – Stainless, Alexanderplatz (excerpt), 2011 from Adam Magyar on Vimeo.

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